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Day 24 Update

Streamlining the Species

Our goal from the start has been to streamline the Battlelord’s rules for ease of use. The changes to the combat systems are a start, but we also want to make it easier to locate and use information throughout the book. To this end, we are revamping the species descriptions as well as reorganizing them. All the pertinent game play information and abilities, including physical description, are at the beginning of each species description. The goal is to make it quicker and easier to choose which species you think will be the most fun for you to play.

While the first section of information is geared towards numbers and combat, Battlelords also has a rich role-playing aspect. So, in addition to making it easier for game play, we expanded upon the rich culture of each species within Battlelords. Items like what’s a Phentari’s favorite snack (hint: they claim it’s humans) or how a Python Lizard likes its meat (rare) are included under the diet section. Reproduction is now covered as well for all species but human (We’re just going to assume you already know that or will figure it out eventually).

It’s not all just about food and reproduction; we added some history for each race from before they joined the Alliance. We also expanded on each species’ government structure, their communication methods, and any major religions. Plus, social organization, values, and technical interactions are included. These are all important for roleplaying purposes as well understanding the interplay between Alliance races.

Lastly we’ve made great efforts to separate out the fluff from the crunch. In prior versions of battlelords the rules (crunch) were intermixed with the general background information (fluff), which made them difficult to find. In the 7th edition, we’ve made sure the rules are distinct from the background fiction and easy to locate.

Be sure to spread the word about our Kickstarter to anyone you think would enjoy playing Battlelords of the 23rd Century.

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Battlelords Quote of the Day

"Frag 'em & bag 'em"

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