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Inside this book you’ll find: [LIST START]

  • A complete timeline of the Battlelord’s universe and detailed setting information.
  • 15 different highly detailed species to choose from for your character.

o Character development tables and nearly 100 skills to make each character unique.

  • An expansive, galaxy spanning setting with limitless potential.
  • Dozens of high-tech armored suits and helmets to choose from for your character.
    • Unique armor game mechanics allow players to customize their suit’s resistance to different methods of attack.
    • Armor ranges from light body armor, to mechanized battle armor, to the massive walking tanks called Ultra Armor.
    • Each suit of armor is highly customizable with over a 150 options to choose from.
  • Dozens of weapon systems and hundreds of weapons to equip your character.
    • Arm yourself with lasers, disintegrators, pulse weapons, grav sheers, grenade launchers, frost guns, and Omega weapons, just to name a few.
    • Find the chink in your opponent’s armor by choosing the weapon that exploits a weakness in their defenses.
  • Equipment, cybernetics, and vehicles.

Battlelords of the 23rd Century PDF (Kickstarter/7th Edition)

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