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Our Kickstarter was Successful! 

You can order your copy of Battlelords of the 23rd Century (PDF) on DriveThruRPG or pre-order the print copy here. Estimated delivery for print copy is March 2020. 

What’s New in the Seventh Edition?

The focus of the new edition is simplifying and standardizing the gameplay without losing the original setting or feel of the game. Some of the highlights are:

  • New Standard Species – New species to highlight the diversity of the setting. The revised genetically engineered, human-rabbit hybrid called the Fott. The revised Goola, now winged insects, and a new species the Keen. The Keen are a gliding tree dwelling species with a chameleon's skin.

  • Updated combat rules – simpler/faster rules for managing automatic weapon fire, faster hand to hand combat, and simplified armor tracking. All of this results in faster play while simulating the deadly nature of combat in the 23rd century.

  • Streamlined skills – standardized skills to simplify game play

  • Sample Teams – Prefab teams at varying levels of development for examples of balanced groups for various types of game play.

  • Streamlined and clarified core rules that still maintain that Battlelords feel

  •  Revised armor mechanics that allows for broader customization of armor, in addition to easier tracking of installed armor options. 

  • Ultra Armor included in the core rules.

  • Spacecraft and space combat rules included in the core rules.

  • New artwork!! The artwork will all be in full color.

  • Updated Equipment. We’ve had 25 years since 1st edition to figure out where technology is headed.

  • Revised setting with more information about the Arachnids and a new foe, the promethean Veayan.

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