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Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century Paper miniatures are designed as a companion to your roleplaying sessions. They are scaled to fit in with standard 25mm or 28mm miniatures common to roleplaying, and are appropriate for game mats and maps using 1” hex markings.


Creating your miniatures
In this PDF we have provided miniature representations of the PC races, both male and female, found in the Battlelords 6th Edition rulebook. There are 27 individual miniatures, both rendered in color, and as line art if you would like to color them yourself for more variety. We have also included blank miniature forms so you can create your own drawings.

  • To produce these miniatures you will need a computer connected to a printer (preferably a color inkjet), Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro, paper, and scissors (or a utility knife), and optionally some glue or tape.
  • Begin by printing out the pages you’d like to use. Make sure you set the page scaling in the Adobe Reader print dialog box to “None” so the miniatures will print at the proper scale. While the miniatures can be printed on plain paper, they hold up best if printed on a heavier weight matte paper. Photo paper can be used in a pinch, but the glossy coating tends to crack when it’s scored and folded.
  • After printing the pages out, cut out the miniatures using scissors or a utility knife. The solid black lines are meant to be cut, while the dotted lines are for folds. Slit “B” is easiest to cut with a knife and is meant for the insertion of tab “A” if you would like the minis to be taken apart when you are done using them.
  • Once they are cut out, fold the minis along the dotted lines, producing a three sided tube. If using slit “B,” insert tab A there to complete the mini. If you’d like to construct the mini permanently, don’t bother making slit “B” instead use double stick tape or glue on the tab with “B” printed on it.
  • One side of the mini has the artwork faded back. This side is intended to be the “back.” Since it’s faded you can write names, Body Points, or any other info you’d like on it to help identify the mini. The two sides with full artwork join to form a point which helps you indicate the facing of the mini. It looks like an arrowhead from above.


This product is for the 6th edition of the Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century roleplaying game. 


Battlelords - Paper Minis (No Mans Land Races) (PDF)

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