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For Battlelords of the 23rd Century, Kickstarter Edition


  • Fully Armored is a 192-page book that expands on all the futuristic military sci-fi goodies we know Battlelords fans love - GEAR. New weapon systems, more weapons, more armored suits, new armor options to customize your armor with, and a whole new slew of equipment. Each new book we release moves the Battlelords universe forward, with new events and revelations detailed in the timeline presented at the beginning of Fully Armored.


Fully Armored features:


  • Continuation of the Battlelords timeline.
  • New advanced and optional combat rules.
  • New Weapon Systems: Carousel Guns, F.IS.T. Systems, Gauss Rifles, Implosion Torpedoes, Neuro Weapons, Pulse SMGs.
  • New Weapons: Over 300+ new weapons for existing weapon systems from the Core Rules & over 50+ new grenades, mines, and ammo types.
  • New Armor Types: Bargain Basement Armor Suits (Are you on a tight budget?), Concealable Armored Suits, Primitive Armor, Specialized Armor, Species Specific Armor & Helmets
  • New Armor: Including suits of Body Armor, Heavy Armor & Mechanized Battle Armor.
  • New Armor Option Types: Armor Computer & P-AI Personalities, Hostile Environment Packages, Onboard Power Supplies, and more!
  • New equipment: Including darkly humorous medical gear like the "Head Collector."


You need Battlelords of the 23rd Century (Kickstarter Edition) to use this book.


Fully Armored: The Battlelords Gear Manual PRINT (Kickstarter/7th Edition)

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