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The Matrix Cards summarize the stats and effects of every Matrix from the 6th Edition of Battlelords, including all 6th Edition Sourcebooks. These cards can be printed on index cards for easy reference. Alternatively, you can select specific cards and print them so that multiple cards appear on a single sheet, allowing players to quickly browse through the Matrices their character possesses. 


The 700+ page PDF contains the following:

  • Combat Matrices (1-64)
  • Empath Matrices (65-189)
  • Energy Controller Matrices (190-335)
  • Gemini Matrices (336-402)
  • Ikrini Matrices (403-473)
  • Jezzadeic Matrices (474-532)
  • Matter Controller Matrices (534-577)
  • Sye Man Matrices (578-596)
  • Vacuum Matrices (578-621)
  • Zen/Tza Zen Matrices (622-734)

This product is for the 6th edition of the Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century roleplaying game as is being released under our Old Skool product line.

Matrix Cards (for 6th Edition) (PDF)

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