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Compatable with Savage Worlds, Savage Battlelords, and Classic Battlelords.


For nearly two decades Uncle Ernie's Ararchist Rebellion Movement (better known as A.R.M.) has been developing bio-engineered and cybernetically augmented killing macines. We sell our products to those brave enough to disregard the laughable laws of the Alliance and those discerning enough to know the value of a thinking weapons filled with homocidal rage. Dont believe our products are effective? Just turn on the Tri-V and watch the news.


We're A.R.M., and we bring bad things to life.


Who Loves Ya, Baby? 

-Uncle Ernie


This book features more than 35 gorgeously illustrated monsters from Uncle Ernie for your Battlelros, Savage Battlelords, or Savage Worlds game. There are over 100+ special abilities and dozens of unique attack abilities. The creatures are catagorized by threat level, so you'll know ones are a prefect match for your players.  


Uncle Ernie's A.R.M. 2286 Summer Catalog

SKU: 23C03001
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