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The Warmonger’s Guide (WMG) series of books is our attempt to get more content out to Battlelords players between major projects. Each of the Warmonger’s Guide books will be an art-lite, content-heavy booklet filled with new and never-before-seen Battlelords of the 23rd Century material.


Book one of the Warmonger’s Guide series, entitled BOOT CAMP, focuses on information that’s most valuable to players during the character creation phase.


This book includes:

• 2284 Timeline (Months 1-10)
• Madd Mike’s Catalog Excerpts - Weapons
• Additional Species Info
• Madd Mike’s Catalog Excerpts - Equipment
• Species-Specific I Was Just Growing Up Tables
• Traits & Quirks Tables 01 & 02
• Madd Mike’s Catalog Excerpts – Armor
• Plot hooks


Eventually we plan on assembling the first three books in the Warmonger’s Guide series into a printed hardback, complete with art. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy book one.


“If you’re not excessive, then you’re never really sure.”

Warmonger's Guide: Boot Camp for 7th Ed. (PRINT)

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