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The Warmonger’s Guide (WMG) series of books is our attempt to get more content out to Battlelords players between major projects. Each of the Warmonger’s Guide books will be a content-heavy booklet filled with new and never-before-seen Battlelords of the 23rd Century material.


Book two of the Warmonger’s Guide series is entitled RUSTY MEDAL.

This book includes:


• Continuation of the Battlelords timeline
• Medals and accommodations
• Info on the Battlelords Universe:
•Customs Inspections
• Places of Interest
• Criminality & Law Enforcement
• Matrix Schools
• Pirates
• Military Academies
• Culture & Humor
• Tables with Stats for Antagonists
• Madd Mike’s Catalog Excerpts – Bargain Basement Weaponry

“If you’re not excessive, then you’re never really sure.”


Warmonger's Guide: Rusty Medal for 7th Ed. (PRINT)

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