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Day 13 Update

Combat Recovery

One of things that occurred to us is that medicine is probably going to be a lot better in the future than it is now. Particularly when the Zen Rigeln have the ability to manipulate organic tissue like its clay. As a result, combat recovery is going to be a lot faster in 7th edition Battlelords. It’s still true that you never hear the bullet that’s got your number on it, but the grim reaper has to work a lot harder in the 23rd Century.

Essentially a proper medical facility can regenerate any body part in a matter of days. Sometimes hours. This has made the cybernetic limb business a lot less profitable, though implants are still selling well. Memory backups are still rare and expensive. In part because they don’t upload your conscious into a computer, like in the old movies. Your chemically encoded memories get copied into a cloned copy of your own brain, which is then placed in cryogenic stasis.

Speaking of cryogenic stasis, the advanced state of cyro tech means a soldier on the battlefield can be placed into “cryo” with a simple injection. Combined with the Zen Rigeln med-tech who re-grow your entire body from neck down, death becomes an inconvenience as long as your don’t get shot in the head. Or have a suit of Ultra Armor stomp on your head. Or have a Ram sit on your head. Probably just best to get a really nice helmet.

In the description of the Zen Rigeln in the playtest rules there is a short story about the most helpful, yet reviled piece of medical technology on the battlefield. The Hat Box. If you’re morbidly curious, be sure to download the playtest PDF and check it out.

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Battlelords Quote of the Day

"That wound looks really bad. You're gonna need a tissue."

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