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Day 21 Update

With Space Combat comes PIRATES.

SPACE PIRATES! I mean… just say it. Space. Pirates. Just calling yourself a space pirate has got to increase your Charisma attribute by at least 10 points.

Space Combat

Integrating space combat into any roleplaying game can be tricky. The struggle is how to do something that doesn’t limit where we want to take space combat and yet doesn’t overwhelm the basic gameplay. We decided that the essence of Battlelords is right there in the title. It isn’t SPACESHIP lords. It is ultimately about a team of characters working together and frequently dealing with interpersonal combat. We also have ideas on where we want to go with space combat that isn’t aimed at squad level tactics. So, where do we go?

The goal is to keep the space combat straightforward. At the end of the day, your team is trying to get from point A to B most of the time. A typical group of mercs or pirates are rarely very large, so they won’t be flying around in Navy cruisers. They’ll generally be flying in something that is relatively close to the same fighting weight as everything else they run into. Combat is Battlelords is lethal and space combat is just as lethal.

For two relatively equal ships, combat becomes a game of cat and mouse until one can escape, capture, or destroy the opponent. Pirates that don’t bring home a ship go hungry. A ship consumed by an expanding ball of energy brighter than the sun doesn’t contribute to the bottom line. Much like their forefathers on the Spanish Main, pirates get close, hook onto a ship and take what they can. The team of adventurers can take the pirates on their home turf (i.e., board the pirate ship). Remember that once the boarding tube is in place, travel is possible in either direction! Quick thinking and heavily armed adventurers can turn a potential tragedy of being boarded by a hostile force into an object lesson about the importance of knowing whether an opponent’s ship as vulnerable as it appears.

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Battlelords Quote of the Day

"We’re the best of the worst."

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