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Day 14 Update

Artwork in Daily Updates

We will do our best to post new artwork in our daily updates. Be sure to check back here to see them!


Battlelords has always been laced with dark humor. Sometimes the game strayed into what some people would call juvenile humor and in other instances we’d hit the opposite end of the spectrum with some truly dark irony. In the 7th edition, we’ve tried to find a nice middle ground. The dark humor makes the book an enjoyable read, and helps detract from the fact that the realistic combat in Battlelords can produce some very grim results. Wait till you see the critical hit chart! Sometimes it can get grim, but at the same time those charts can lead to some darkly humorous moments.

The dark humor persists in 7th edition. You might have noticed the little quotes at the bottom of our daily Kickstarter updates? That’s a perfect example of the humor in Battlelords. Just because combat can be gritty, doesn’t mean the game has to be humorless. Though there’s nothing stopping you from running a deadly serious campaign if you’d like to do that.

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Battlelords Quote of the Day

"You mean I’m dead-equivalent?"

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