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Day 5 Update

Page Count & Content

The book will feature a lot of new content. The additional content necessitated an increase the page count to 360 pages. That’s an 70 pages larger than any prior Battlelords rulebook. Why the extra space?

  • Spaceships & deck plans

  • Space combat rules

  • Ultra armor

  • Pre-made, ready-to-play teams & characters

  • Pre-made armor packages for varying levels of threat/budget

  • Skill packages for various careers

  • The Arachnids, their minions, and a selection of other Hostile Alien Lifeforms (HALs)

  • Rank insignia and uniform designs

  • New illustrations

  • Information on running games for mercenaries, Alliance military personnel, pirates, and spies

Be sure to spread the word about our Kickstarter to anyone you think would enjoy playing Battlelords of the 23rd Century.

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Battlelords Quote of the Day

“Never wrestle with a Mazian. Never bet with an Orion, and whatever the hell you do don’t let the Ram swat that bug-equivalent off the back of your helmet.”

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