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Day 8 Update

What is a Battlelord?

Despite being around for 25 years, the game never really dove into the concept of a Battlelord. Everyone wanted to be a Battlelord. Being a Battlelord sounded cool. In the 7th Edition, everyone still wants to be a Battlelord. They’re the subject of Tri-V documentaries. They’re celebrities. They’re damn near kings. So what are they?

Let’s start with a little history. As a species, the Eridani have very little patience for red tape and great admiration for someone who gets stuff done. By “get stuff done,” I mean kills a lot of enemies very quickly. As a result, the Eridani developed the concept of “The Battlelord.” Back in the early feudal days of Eridani society, a Battlelord was someone who demonstrated exceptional combat prowess. The Eridani felt that a Battlelord would be even more effective at killing things if they got to decide how, when, and where to do it and so they were typically put in charge.

In classic Eridani fashion, many warriors attempted to prove they were worthy of the title of Battlelord by picking a fight with the biggest, meanest critter on the planet. The Thorgath Demon. Those few who succeeded decorated their armor with the skull of the creature as a symbol of their status.

The Alliance military structure is based heavily on the Eridani model and as such has inherited many Eridani traditions. In the modern Alliance Military the concept of the Battlelord still exists, albeit in a modified form. A Battlelord is an honorary rank in the Galactic Armed Forces, outside of the chain of command. Each Battlelord is charged with defending their assigned region of Alliance space against all military threats. With the vastness of space, it is far more efficient to assign a Battlelord with his or her personal warcruiser, ultra armor, and small contingent of soldiers to guard a specific territory. The alternative is to send in the Alliance Navy with troops every time there is a threat, which is expensive, time consuming, and usually results in the Navy arriving long after the threat is been and gone.

The “Demon Skull” logo on the front cover of the 7th edition is the rank insignia for a Battlelord. Beware those with the Demon Skull, for they have looked into the eyes of the demon, slain it, and now adorn their armor with its bones.

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Battlelords Quote of the Day

“With enough firepower to slay an army, seeing an armored Battlelord in combat is like laying eyes on a god of war.”

-General Raskor-Idan, 11th Royal House of Eridine.

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