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Day 17 Update

Game Balance

One of our goals, which may not be readily apparent from the playtest PDF, was to provide a bit more balance to the game. You might have noticed that the stats for many of the player species have changed from the older editions. That’s why. Each species retains its particular strengths and weaknesses, but there were a few who were right off the charts in terms capabilities. There were others who were oozing off the bottom of the capabilities chart. We're tried to push the species on the outskirts of the "game balance bell curve" a little closer to the center.

In addition, we’ve looked at all of the weapons and weapon systems and re-engineered them from the ground up so we can get a better idea of what their actual cost-effectiveness is in game terms. Knowing their actual cost effectiveness allows us to more readily balance them. Once we know we the actual value we'll adjust the price to reflect the market price. Just like in the real world, when your character purchases a weapon, they might get a deal... or they might be paying extra for the manufacturer's reputation. Either way, your character will end up paying way more than what it costs to build any weapon. How else will Balshrom Science Corp. stay in business?

We’ve also provide pre-generated characters (pre-gen) and non-player characters (NPCs) for the GameMaster (GM) that are in predefined tiers. So if you decide to play a pre-gen at the “medium” tier, the GM will know that any of his NPCs at medium tier should have weapons and armor that make them a match for your PCs. At least, when the Game Master wants to give you a fair fight. Just keep reminding the GM that it’s no fun getting holed the second you step out of the skimmer. Maybe they’ll take pity on you, but I doubt it. The new threat levels and tiers system should allow GMs to provide balanced encounters for your characters.

Be sure to spread the word about our Kickstarter to anyone you think would enjoy playing Battlelords of the 23rd Century.

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Battlelords Quote of the Day

“Incoming fire has the right-of-way”

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