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Day 18 Update


As part of our streamlining of the rules we looked at many of the numbers and statistics in the book and asked ourselves, “Does this do anything?” Many of the values players take the time to roll up during character generation were seldom used in game play and only served to tell you how your character compared, numerically, to other characters. Whenever we ran across one of these rarely used values, we either ditched it or modified the rules so that you actually use the number in game play. For example, characters will be using ALL of their Statistics a lot more in game play, and you’re going to see the Tech Level getting a lot more attention in 7th edition.

Another part of the streamline process many of the related species are presented in as a single entry in the book. For example, Python Lizards and Ram Pythons from previous editions are now presented simply as Pythonians. When selecting a Pythonian as your character’s species you can choose between the amphibious variety (Pythons) or the terrestrial variety (Rams). The Ram and Pythons haven’t been eliminated from the book, nor have their differences been eliminated. However, combining related player species in this manner created a more streamlined rule set during character creation. It also allowed us more room for our new-to-the-core-rules species: the Fott, the heavily revised Goola, and the Keen.

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Battlelords Quote of the Day

"Nothing says 'I Love You' like a grenade in their shorts."

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