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Day 20 Update


Matrices are the psychic powers possessed by certain alien species, including the Chatilians, the Mutzachans, and the Zen Rigelns. Matrices allow these alien species to heal wounds, read minds, start fires, teleport, rip out hearts, and crush skulls. Everything an aspiring Battlelord could want and desire!

We’re working on redesigning the matrices right now. We’re going through and categorizing each matrix and coming up with a system that allows us to build matrices from the ground up so they’re balanced. What we’ve discovered is there is a lot of redundancy in the existing system


For example, there are dozens of ways to debilitate an opponent, but from a mechanics stand point they’re all the same thing. Whether the opponent is paralyzed, ego smashed, mind strangled, confused, stunned, or frozen in terror... they're still debilitated. Though these elements are great flavor during game play, from a game mechanics perspective they’re all the same. What differentiates all those matrices from a rules-wise are the numeric values, like range, ECR rolls, area effect, # of targets, etc.

Once we have the matrix effects categorized we can use a unified system to build a matrix’s, by assigning those other numeric values to the effect. This allows us to accurately determine the number of points it costs your character to generate a given matrix. It also allows us balance the matrices across disciplines by making sure that Zen Fear matrix is priced appropriately when compared when that Chatilian Ego Smash matrix, both of which are designed to debilitate an opponent.

What’s this mean for you? Since we’ve done all the math on the back end, you’ll now be able to easily boost any matrix’s output, range, area of effect, etc. simply by spending additional Power Points and making your Matrix Manipulation roll.

Be sure to spread the word about our Kickstarter to anyone you think would enjoy playing Battlelords of the 23rd Century.

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